Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Thank You Mr. President

The Obama administration is just a little over 100 days old. But, so far, we've gotten a good idea on where Mr. Obama is taking the country. Just think about these recent news stories:

* The Obama administration needed a place to speak to the American people. Georgetown University seemed like a great place to do it. It's close by. Nice setting. Beautiful backdrop. Only one problem. The name of Jesus is plastered on the wall. The solution? Cover the name of Jesus so that no one would be offended. Sorry Mr. President. I'm offended!

* The Obama administration decides to release photos and videos of terrorists being "tortured" by our military, even though 4 previous CIA directors (Democrats and Republicans) said not to do it. Yet, the White House classifies the pictures of Air Force 1 flying over Manhattan. Putting Americans in danger because of videos being released--so we can be transparent to the world--is okay. Releasing photos of a lamebrain idea of flying Air Force 1 over the Statute of Liberty and downtown Manhattan is a bad idea because it is a PR nightmare.

* The president and vice-president decide that it would be wise to go out to eat together, to show Americans how important it is to eat out, to put money back into the economy. Where do they choose to eat? Ray's Hell Burgers. Do you think choosing that hamburger joint, with that name, was an accident? I don't think so.

* There will be no National Day of Prayer celebration at the White House--it might be offensive to some groups in our country. Again Mr. President. But, being a Christian, I guess I don't count.

Thank you Mr. President. America voted for you. We are getting what we desired.

I seem to remember an Old Testament story about another "king" that the people wanted. They begged for a king. They wanted to be like everyone else.

Anyone want to remind me: How did that work out?


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