Monday, May 4, 2009

Some Things I Just Don't Get

After ten years of fooling people with his outrageous alter egos, Sacha Baron Cohen, the British comedy actor, is to switch from stunts to conventional roles.

Baron Cohen, who created Ali G, the deluded rapper, and Borat, the Kazakh television reporter, is to start by playing Sherlock Holmes, with Will Ferrell as Watson.

The actor realized his jokes were wearing thin while he was in America making his latest movie in which he plays BrĂ¼no, a gay Austrian fashion presenter.

Recently, he fooled the Alabama national guard into posing with him while he wore a camouflaged thong. But then he tried to dupe a club of septuagenarian ballroom dancers–who had already seen Borat. As Baron Cohen, in black waistcoat over a sleeveless white shirt, ended a tango by kissing his male partner on the lips, the dancers turned off the lights and ejected him from the hall.

Murray Echols, 75, said: “We gave them more than they planned for. We called the police who told his crew never to show their face in town again.”

You know, good comedy I normally get. Bad comedy, well, most of the time I understand it as well—I just don’t like bad comedy. But then, there’s Cohen. I have to admit. I don’t get his comedy at all. Not funny. Not even remotely funny. How many times can you pull the same joke on people and expect the rest of us to laugh.

We’ll see how well he does in doing “regular” comedy now.


  1. Steve: I find a lot of today's "comedy" unfunny. Many are vulgar. Many are risque. Many are just not funny at all. I have never seen Borat and have no desire to and this makes it even more concrete that I won't waste my hard-earned dollar to see anything of his.

  2. "How many times can you pull the same joke on people and expect the rest of us to laugh."
    Doesn't that depend on what is being mocked? As the good book states, there is a season for everything. The season of mocking the unsaved is ending. Guess what happens next?


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