Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Our Son And Meals

Meal time is really fun around our house.

Right now, meal time is an adventure, to say the least.

Most of his food makes it into his mouth, but not all of it. Some of his food makes it on the floor. Some of it makes it into our puppy's stomach. And, some of the food winds up on Evan's face.

Well, maybe more than just a little of the food winds up on his face.

Here's a picture from Tuesday night's dinner.

This is Evan eating mashed potatoes. Or, a better description is Evan wearing mashed potatoes.

Ketchup is equally fun. While Evan doesn't always like ketchup on his fries, he does like ketchup on his face!

That's our boy!


  1. What great pics! Thanks for the smile this morning!

  2. Thanks are you and Sally today?

  3. Sally is improved but stayed at home. I am at the office, but I feel it looming for later! I'm trying to get as much done as I can before it hits. If it does hit, I hope it hits soon, so that I can still preach on Sunday!

  4. guys remain in my prayers!

  5. Evan rocks the house!!!! I LOVE the photos. He's at my favorite age. So funny!!



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