Thursday, May 15, 2008

The Rest of the Story

Christopher Nguyen is a survivor. Do you know who Christopher is and what makes him special? That question will test your knowledge of current events!

Well, Christopher is one of six Oklahoma City children who survived the Murrah Federal Building bombing 13 years ago, and he is the first to graduate from high school. He graduates this week.

Nineteen other children perished that day inside America's Kids Child Development Center in downtown Oklahoma City. The final death toll in the building reached 168.

Today, Christopher is a popular straight "A" student at Bishop McGuinness High School and plans to attend the University of Oklahoma this fall.

Christopher said, "I try to avoid thinking about it in some ways, but obviously on the anniversary, April 19th, I think about it pretty much all day."

While we tend to focus on negative news in American news media, I am thankful to hear a positive story, one of success, hope, and what some might even call a miracle. A young preschooler was nearly killed in an act of terrorism, grows us without too much psychological damage from what took place, studies, learns all he can, becomes a straight "A" student, and now plans to go off to college.

How many times do we take the negative things in life and turn them into something positive? How often do we look for the good in life rather than dwelling on the bad? I know, it's difficult to do at times. The glass is definitely half empty rather than half full. I know the feeling. You do too, right? After we have been beaten down time and time again, after our boss has chewed us out for the fifth time in the day, after our spouse screamed at us for the third time before breakfast, it's tough to keep a positive attitude, to see the brighter side of life, and to remain optimistic!

Yet, so much of life is determined by how we view life, how we interpret the events that come into our daily journey.

May I challenge you today to find the positive in life, rather than focusing on the negative? May I challenge you to tune out the negative press media, the negative words of friends, family, peers, and bosses? May I challenge you to find the touches of God in what comes your way today? While you can't always change the curves you are thrown in a given day, you can definitely change how you handle those curves!

As you do, I have no doubt that you will see your spirits soar, your attitude improve, and your joy return!

That, my friends, is a far greater way to live! Happy graduate day Christopher! May this event be only the first of many positive events to come in your life!

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