Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Random Wednesday Thoughts

I'm sitting here early this morning, trying to determine what I want to write. What else is new for a writer, a person who loves words, and a person who often goes through the "valley of no words." Know the feeling?

If you write often, sure you do. Just because you have a passion for writing or love words doesn't mean that the words will come easily nor quickly. I've found that the words eventually do come. Most of the time after prayer and further thought. Much further thought!

I've read through a number of blogs this morning. Every morning, I read through 8 or 10 blogs that I have marked as favorites. They are not favorites because I agree with everything they write or idea they espouse. They are favorites because they seem to touch upon many hot-button issues that I care about.

At times, when I read those blogs, I come away angry. At other times, I come away frustrated. And then at other times, I come away with more questions than I have answers. So, why read them? Why waste my time getting angry? Why read what I may or may not agree with?

Well, I suppose I continue to read those blogs because they challenge me. Those blogs challenge me to think. To think about my personal position on the subject at hand.

And, in all honesty, challenges are good. Challenges cause growth. Challenges allow me to formulate a response. Sometimes I find myself commenting on these blogs sites. Well, sometimes. Most of the time, I just comment to myself! You see, I've learned fairly quickly that as soon as you comment, someone comes back and condemns your words, thoughts, or ideas. I don't know whether they truly disagree with me, hate disagreements, or simply think such negative feedback from them is what is expected.

So, what I do is read, think, challenge myself. And, in rare situations, I actually press the "publish comments" button. Rarely.

I hope as you visit this site, that you will feel encouraged, knowing that you can feel free to comment at will, and knowing that comments will be accepted without judgment or condemning.

I don't know how easy this process will be for me--you see, I do take my words personally and with great passion. However, as I grow and as you challenge me to grow, I hope we will begin a dialogue that will help both of us to be stronger in our walk with the Lord.

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