Monday, May 19, 2008

No Gratitude

LAS VEGAS (From Fox News) — Kenny Chesney won entertainer of the year for a fourth straight time, then promptly took issue with the way the Academy of Country music awarded the honor: through fan votes.

For the first time in the show's 43 years, the top prize — traditionally decided by ACM members — was determined Sunday through online voting. With the win, Chesney ties Garth Brooks and trails only Alabama, which won five in a row.

Chesney said immediately backstage that he thought fans should be included, just not by voting for the show's most important award.

"The entertainer of the year trophy is supposed to represent heart and passion and an amazing amount of sacrifice, commitment and focus," he said. "That's the way Garth won it four times, that's the way I won it, that's the way (George) Strait won it, Reba (McEntire), Alabama all those years. That's what it's supposed to represent."

He said his complaint is directed at the industry, not the fans — and that the method amounted to "complete disrespect" of the artists, saying the academy turned the award "into a sweepstakes to see who can push people's buttons the hardest on the Internet."

FROM STEVE--So, let me get this right. Mr. Chesney wins Entertainer of the Year for the fourth consecutive year. Great accomplishment. Sounds like a night to celebrate, smile, and enjoy. But, as soon as he wins the award, he complains on how he was chosen.

Does that not sound ungratiful to anyone but me?

I suppose, if Mr. Chesney doesn't want to be voted on by the fans and if he disagrees with the way the process is handled, couldn't he simply ask that his name not be included in the nomination process. Then, a performer who would accept the award with grace and humility could be awarded the special award.

That sounds more like an entertainer I would want to support and be proud of.

Couldn't Mr. Chesney have said what Carrie Underwood did after winning her award: "I know I don't deserve it, but I'll take it," Underwood said. "Fans got me everything I have, and I owe everything to you."

That's the way I see you. How about you?


  1. Yeah,

    That is probably the way he should have handled it. I just don't care for the twang of country music. Give me some rock!

  2. Amen Brother! I suppose the fact that I was a child of the 60s and 70s fashioned my love of music. I need it loud!

    I'm not a fan of country music, never have been. Too much twang, too many front porch swings, too many pickup trucks, too many cheating husbands/wives. Oh, and what's up with all those black hats?


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