Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Vomit--100 Words


There’s a disgusting word.

The thought of it brings terrible smells to the brain.

Who, in their right mind, wants to clean up after someone has hurled, puked, tossed their cookies.

I’m not going to volunteer.

It takes love to clean up someone’s vomit.

The love of a mother for her infant. Or, a spouse for their spouse.

It’s a dedicated love. It’s a committed love.

Vomit is a biblical word. God caused the giant fish to vomit Jonah onto shore.

Read the story in Jonah 2. That time around, it was a committed love that caused the vomit.


  1. Vomit...something I will join without even trying. Yep, if someone hurls around me and I smell it i am gone. I can change diapers but cleaning up the contents of someone's stomach is not on my agenda. Good to have you back Steve!

  2. Thanks Bill...I guess I was waiting for something near and dear to my heart to come up! :)


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