Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Technology--100 Words


Normally, I like technology.

I’m not afraid of it.

I don’t worry that it will overwhelm me.

Why be afraid?

Just plow through what needs to be learned. Don’t let it disrupt the task at hand.

But, when technology goes wrong, it REALLY goes wrong. The bottom falls out and you quickly reach the point of no return.

Then what?

You grin and bear it. You put your best smile on and pretend as if everything is okay.

It’s either that or grab the nearest sledgehammer and smack the fool out of it.

Today, I’m leaning toward the sledgehammer.


  1. Agree with you Steve! Sometimes you get it and sometimes it gets you. I have definitely reached for the sledgehammer more often than not.

  2. Well...I need a huge sledgehammer this morning...Skype isn't always your friend!


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