Monday, November 23, 2009

Music--100 Words


I must say, I’m so out of touch! I’m feeling old right now.

Last night, my wife was watching The Amazing Race. During commercials, she flipped back and forth to the American Music Awards.

Where have these people come from? Heck, who are these people?

Okay, I’ve seen Janet Jackson before. And Reba. And a few of the others.

But, not the majority. I’m out of touch.

I guess that should bother me to some extent, but it doesn’t.

Call me old. Out of touch.

At least my ears won’t be subjected to this “music.”

I can accept that!


  1. i stopped watching any music awards show for various reasons...the main one being that they didn't agree with me. :) I also despise most of today's music so why clutter my mind with it? I reckon I am a lot like you in that respect. Why subject myself to what they call "music?"

  2. Steve, I stopped watching those award shows long long ago. It's bad enough when the news reports ad nauseum on the garbage like Adam Lambert's performance. I'm almost to the point of not watching news either. selahV


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