Friday, November 13, 2009

Empty--100 Words


John Ortberg recently wrote: “Often in ministry I feel like Jesus (that’s a dangerous comparison!) when He was touched by a woman in a crowd ‘and felt the power go out of Him.’ Ministry can be the most draining activity known to human beings, because it draws on the soul. So I have to know what the signs are when my reserves are running low: I get easily discouraged, I get preoccupied in my relationships, my motivation and energy drop, sin looks more tempting.”

80 of my 100 words allowed.

But, I can’t describe running on empty any better.


  1. Similar to parenting 'cept that one runs on the heart. I like this post. Not that it's all chipper and upbeat, but b/c it's honest and real. Have a great weekend friend who has the most friends. Ha!!

  2. Thanks for posting that quote Steve, it really hit home. Sin is so much more tempting when I'm feeling spiritually drained. Strange how that works.


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