Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Inner Peace--100 Words

Inner peace.

What does that mean?

Where do we “find” it?

Right now, many are looking for inner peace by putting up Christmas decorations, going shopping, attending parties, and maybe even going to church. After Christmas, they’ll be looking elsewhere for it.

I’m not critical. I have no room to talk. I’ve searched for inner peace my entire life.

I’ve looked in the right places. And, in the wrong places.

So, I keep looking.

Not sure if true inner peace will be found. Or, can be found.

Maybe not this side of heaven.

What about you? Have you found it?


  1. Hey Steve! Good to have you back. I would say that I have found inner peace as long as and when my eyes are not on myself but on God. When they aren't I am missing it big time.

  2. Thanks Bill...had to formulate some new words...thought I might have to reduce it down to 50 words...:)

  3. Hi, The title of your post caught my eye. I think inner peace is not something to be found, but to be experienced over and over to varying degrees. Inner peace is a daily journey for me. I think that by experiencing inner peace we cause a shift in energy that effects the planet and because of this daily shift I believe that every day we are one day closer to world peace. In fact that is a common affirmation in my mediation; I see the world as a peaceful place, all world leaders working toward a harmonious existence. I just wrote a post called “Peace” and would love your feedback. Namaste, Sherry
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