Monday, December 10, 2012

Throwing a Fit

I sometimes sit and watch my son, finding myself shaking my head at his behavior. Evan is such a good child, most of the time. He probably averages 80% good, 20% terror. That’s not a bad average.
I never expect perfection from him—he’s only 4 ½ years old. He’s learning new things every day. He’s testing his limits. He’s finding his way in the world. Evan has so much to learn.
While I don’t expect perfection, I do have certain expectations on how he should act and how he should react.
One of his new “behaviors” was picked up from another child at school—I’m not making excuses for his behavior by blaming another child. But, it’s important to note that this was a learned behavior from watching someone else.
What’s the behavior? When he doesn’t get his way, he’ll literally throw himself on the floor and begin wailing. You should know there are no tears being shed. Oh, there can be screaming and kicking the floor. But, it’s more of an act that being heartbroken.
When he reacts/acts this way, we respond with discipline. The discipline varies, depending on a number of factors.
Most of the time, if not all of the time, his little “fit” only lasts for a few minutes.
I have to admit that what Evan does seems frighteningly similar to how I react to situations in my life. Or, how I react to God saying “no” when I want something.
Now, I don’t literally throw myself on the floor, kick, or scream. But, I’ve been known to throw a fit or two. And, in truth, my fits are just as wrong as Evan’s. And, I suppose, if anyone were watching, they’d think I was being as childish as a four-year-old who isn’t getting his way.
I’m not four. Not even close.
I have to grow up. I must mature. I must continue learning from God’s discipline and instruction. I must stop watching others and behaving the way they do. God doesn’t call me to be like anyone else—He wants me to be like Him.
I don’t like God’s punishment any more than Evan likes my discipline. But, the discipline is necessary—if I want to mature and become more like God.
I want to grow up! I must grow up!

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  1. Great analogy. It's wisdom to realize that an erudite, sophisticated, sublime fit is still just a fit.

    My dad had a unique way of handling them with my brother and me. He kept a glass of cold water in the fridge, and when we'd throw one of them, he'd throw the glassful in our face.

    That stopped them quickly.

    God does the same to me, from time to time.


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