Thursday, June 3, 2010

Questions--100 Words


When did asking questions become a problem?

[Disclaimer: If you don’t like questions, just close out this post.]

We aren’t allowed to ask politicians questions any longer—that’s harassment or racism or sexism or some other ism.

We can’t ask questions at work—that becomes whining.

We can’t ask questions with family—we are prying.

People of my generation ask questions.

Tough questions. Deep questions. Important questions. We even question questions.

All we’d really like are some answers.

Honest answers.

It doesn’t matter if we like the answer or not. Just answer the question.

Is that asking too much?

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  1. I figure these are probably rhetorical questions, but I'm going to throw out my two cents worth anyway:

    Unfortunately, for some it may be asking too much.

    I think sometimes it is because, they may be in denial and voicing the answer would make it reality for them.

    Other times, I think it is an arrogance/pride issue...i.e. They do not think they have to explain themselves.


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